> Ginny Gilder
As an advocate for athletes of all ages, abilities and aspirations, Ginny Gilder is constantly pushing women to enjoy access to competitive opportunities at every level. Ginny’s latest chapter comingles her love of business with her passion for sports and deep belief in its power to transform lives. Joining with fellow civic leaders Lisa Brummel and Dawn Trudeau, Ginny helped create Force 10 Hoops to purchase the WNBA’s Seattle Storm, which they have owned since 2008. As a company dedicated to the philosophy that women should enjoy access to competitive opportunities at every level, the Storm showcases the power of women as inspirational athletes and leaders.
Career highlights:
🏆 Established Washington Works, dedicated to altering the lives of women on public assistance by improving their earning capacity and helping them find and retain livable wage jobs
🏆 Launched Gilder Office for Growth, a family investment office, which she still heads as CEO
🏆 Started a family foundation in partnership with her sister, The Starfish Group, with a mission to champion the underdog, individuals who face steeper odds in creating a sustainable life for themselves
🏆 Launched Force 10 Performance, this training center envisions being the best affordable, community-based, multi-sport training facility for athletes of all ages, abilities, and aspirations